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Confidential Waste and Data Destruction

What we do

Do your employees fully understand what confidential waste really is? Do they know what should be disposed of in the correct and safe manner? Are your employee’s aware of their responsibility to handle confidential waste in a safe and secure manner? How would your employee’s feel if information about themselves was handled incorrectly and fell into the wrong hands?

Are you a company that wants to protect your own reputation and the reputation of the employees who make your company? Do you want to ensure your confidential waste is handled, destroyed and put back into the recycling chain as it should be?

Here at CDDL, we can offer a full audit of your business to enable you to fully understand the knowledge of your employees, what is happening to confidential waste in your business and what opportunities there are to increase your security in line with GDPR.

CDDL can offer a full, secure chain for your confidential waste. We offer all types and sizes of containers or bags to securely hold your confidential waste and can offer scheduled or ad hoc collections to keep your security risk to a minimum. Our collections are carried out by certified employees in tracked vehicles, and the confidential waste is then transported back to our depot where the waste is shredded beyond all recognition. The shredded material is then recycled back into the paper industry to create more paper and cardboard.

CDDL can offer a one-off archive collection and destruction; we will clear your office of the clutter you have and can arrange support to organise the waste and get it ready for collection. CDDL can also offer archive storage to remove boxes of information that have been poorly stored within your business.
CDDL also offer a full service for collection and destruction of all IT equipment, hard drives are wiped of all information and then shredded below 20mm pieces. We collect and recycle all WEEE items in accordance with all legislation.

Policies & Procedures

Confidential Document Destruction Limited (CDDL) will visit your premises to work closely with your employees to help them fully understand what, how and when you collect personal data. We will map how you carry this out and why you carry this out, investigating your current controls on how you handle personal data and who has access to this data and why.

We will then work on producing the required Policies & Procedures for your business, returning and presenting these to the management of your business and carrying out training with the required employees.

Once we have finished this process, we are very confident you will feel much better about GRPR compliance within your business.
Please contact us either via phone, 01795 874241, email info@confidemtialdcoumentdestruction.org.uk or mobile 07798 923622.

Assessment and Planning

Managed control systems and protocols


Secure Transport

Safe transfer using tracked vehicles

Storage and Management

Ad hoc collection to aid security


Certified Destruction

Material monitored throughout the process


Document Removal

Discreet service to suit your schedule

Responsible Recycling

Compliant with current regulations

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